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What is This is For Real?

TiFR is a dance/acoustic project created by Nick Santini. Combining dance beats with acoustic melodies.

Who is Nick Santini?

Hailing from Long Island, NY, Nick Santini is a singer/songwriter who plays all the instruments and writes all the songs for the project. Originally a drummer Nick has grown to become well versed in writing beats both manually and digitally. He created the idea in 2010 while writing demo tracks in Eugene, Oregon.

What does "This is For Real" mean?

After being in so many projects Nick decided to take on this project as his own. He really wanted to come out with something that is not only positive and fun, but also something that displays his talent and love for music. This is For Real to Nick simply means exactly what it sounds like.

What are the songs about?

Songs are about anything from relationships to why Nick plays music.

Where can I see This is For Real live?

Nick will be starting to play shows beginning of summer 2013. As he is the only member in the project, trying to take the whole sound of TiFR is somewhat of a challenge so working out the kinks will take some time. Be sure to check the Shows tab as it will be updated periodically.

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This is For Real Album Cover To the Nines
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When I Wake Up
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To the Nines

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